Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Developments... Pun Intended

As many of you know, after our last beach & reef clean, the developers came in and did a deep cleaning of the mangrove area around the salt pond, removing much plant life and trees. I initially felt bad that I had organized volunteers to clean this beach and reef; had I known that the developers would move so quickly, I would have picked another beach. However, if we made life better that day for one crab, one fish, one turtle, one bird, then we did our job.

The peninsula's development has begun, and it's going to be rapid. At this time, I'm suspending our beach cleans until we see what happens with the developers. I call on all of you to monitor the changes in the reefs that development brings. We are stewards of this earth, and we are all responsible for what happens.

Let's turn our attention now to outreach and education. That's where our efforts and energies are most needed.

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