Monday, November 5, 2007

November 10 Beach Clean - Banana Bay

Cockleshell Beach won the poll fair and square; however, we had a look around, and someone else has cleaned the beach already. It looks great!

The 1st runner up was BANANA BAY, so that's where we're headed!

We walked around yesterday, and here's what we found.
IMG_2559.JPGTurtles nest on this beach.

IMG_2549.JPGthis isn't a trash can!


IMG_2557.JPGGarbage, garbage everywhere


There is garbage in the water, too, so we need some snorkelers to fish it out. Much of the garbage that we saw here was not washed up on shore; it was dumped by people in the area. There's good news and bad news with that information.

First the bad news:
We who live on St. Kitts are litterbugs :( We live in a beautiful place but we're throwing our trash on the ground.

Now the good news:
This is a smaller problem than what Turtle Beach faces, which is trash washed in by currents. We can tackle the litter problem on St. Kitts by educating our children in their schools. We can post signs. We can find ways to combat this problem on our beaches. Local change is easier than global change, and while it's just a drop in the bucket towards global change, lots and lots of drops is how every bucket gets filled!

For those of you who don't know where Banana Bay is, head towards Cockleshell, and they'll be a marked turn off on the right side of the road. Follow the signs to the event.

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